Catering and hotel

Chateau catering Zbiroh

We started organizing our first wedding feasts more than 25 years ago in Žofín Palace in Prague.
We have already prepared more than two thousand of them!
And we will be happy to take care of professional gastronomy at your wedding as well!

Wedding menu plays an irreplaceable and very important role.
Guests perceive the wedding day with all their senses and feasting is undoubtedly one of them.
We are ready to satisfy every tongue and give our guests an unforgettable culinary experience.

We also take care of guests with diet or food allergy, vegetarians, vegans and children.
We will feed guests from all over the world with traditional Czech and international cuisine.
We do not resist unconventional recipes on request, we enjoy the food!

We will prepare:

  • welcome drink, cocktail, summer picnic
  • traditional wedding reception, castle banquet, rustic feast
  • small buffet, large buffet
  • combined BBQ, roast piglet or wild boar
  • wedding cake, cupcakes and mini desserts
  • mixed drinks bar and bartender show
  • wine and branded spirits tasting
  • gentlemen’s corner with cigars


The chateau hotel offers 51 comfortable double rooms in the categories STANDARD, DELUXE and SUITES.

For group accommodation of wedding guests we offer special price packages.